I can help create a draft wedding day timeline so you feel relaxed, can enjoy each moment and have fun throughout the day.

As a guide I recommend allowing the time below for each part of the day (travel time between locations not included).

father crying seeing his daughter in wedding dress for first time at perth wedding

Getting Ready

1.5-2 hours Each

You can be photographed getting ready with your partner, separately or not at all. You do you! It's a great time to capture the anticipation and excitement before you walk down the aisle with your family and friends.

perth wedding ceremony set up


30 Minutes prior

I arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to allow for parking, photographing the ceremony set-up, guests arriving and your partner waiting.

groom crying at perth wedding ceremony with bride


30-45 minutes

Most wedding ceremonies are 30 minutes long and will often start a tad late because getting 100 people to be on time is a big task. Your celebrant will let you know exactly how long is needed for what you'd like to include.

two bride being hugged by guest after perth wedding ceremony


20 Minutes

Remember to allow time for guests to congratulate you after the ceremony. Some of the most beautiful, real moments happen during hugs and kisses from your loved ones.

perth wedding family photo

Family Photos

20-30 minutes for 10 groups

The most important photos from your wedding day that you will cherish for years to come. This is the time for formal photos with both your families. A family photo list is a great idea so you don't forget anyone.

two bride kissing in golden sunset at perth wedding

Wedding Party & Couple Photos

1 hour if all the photos are at your venue

1.5-2 hours if travel is needed or you'd like mutliple photo locations

The best photos are created when you feel relaxed and are genuinely having a good time so allow time to have fun with your wedding party.

If you'd like romantic, golden light as seen in a lot of my photos the best time for this is the last 30 minutes before sunset. The exact time will depend on the time of year.

In summer the sun doesn't set until 7:30pm and in winter it sets as early as 5:30pm. I can help create a timeline that allows us to do your couple photos during 'golden hour'.

bride and groom entering perth wedding reception


until 8:30pm/9PM

Coverage until about 8:30pm/9pm usually captures your entrance, speeches, cake cut, first dance and guest dance floor action. All the formalities and fun!